What’s Marine Navigation?

Marine Navigation is a mobile application, for navigate on sea, it’s a marine navigator.

Why use Marine Navigation?

Because it is easy to use, you need only activate app, you don’t waist time for install instruments on your boat. It is cheap, you don’t need to pay a lot of money for sea navigation. You can get route information. Save your money and time, you think only about the marine destination.

Which mobile are compatible?

Marine Navigation is for IOS or Android.

Compatibility IOS version?

Marine Navigation is compatible with IOS >=4.0


Where buy Marine Navigation?

Marine Navigation
Marine Navigation 


Marine Navigation contains the marine charts ?

Yes, Marine Navigation contains NOAA RNC for USA,  more information on Marine Navigation Maps


Any Question or Idea ?

Please contact us, contact@fishpoints.net


Need Refund?

Apple: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes
Android: You have 15 minutes from the time of download to return an application purchased on Google Play for a full refund.  After the 15 minute return period, don’t worry, contact us on contact@fishpoints.net


I Need official charts in my boat? 

Good seamanship requires the use of official charts. Marine Navigation is for use with other charts and cannot replace official charts. Use at your own risk


Where can I find documentation?

There is a some documentation on this website:


There are a Video Tutorial:

How create a new account? – http://youtu.be/rUf4U4mQTwY
How Download offline map? – http://youtu.be/MSTjDf-V9vI